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Digital release for Fable 2?

Molyneux hints at Live debut

Speaking with UK business site, chatty game designer Peter Molyneux has let-slip that a digital release of Fable 2 could be on the way, on the Xbox 360.

"I think it would be a great thing for this studio to work on," he offered, on the subject of a downloadable version of the RPG. As head of Lionhead, he is well positioned to see it happen, too, but wouldn't be drawn to confirm anything solid.

When pressed on the titillating matter, Molyneux nodded his cap in the direction of Lionhead owners Microsoft, stating: "I can't say anything else on it – I would be killed to death."

It sounds plausible, then, Microsoft having made the original Fable available already via their Originals platform on Xbox Live.

Apparently, Lionhead's first Fable did well in downloadable form, while Microsoft are perhaps considering the move given tough times in traditional retailers, who are discounting games and trying to push anything and everything to meet festive sales targets amid harsh economic conditions.

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