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Metaboli gets Rockstar backing

GTA IV goes downloadable

Rockstar's entire catalogue of games is set to be released on Metaboli, we're told this morning, MCV reporting that the firm's PC releases will soon be distributed on-demand via the platform.

Metaboli is of course a rival to the likes of Valve's Steam, and this announcement includes new release Grand Theft Auto IV, as well as Max Payne and Bully.

“It is a genuine pleasure to be able to list Rockstar in our catalogue and above all to be able to offer the cult GTA IV right from release,” Metaboli boss Pierre Forest enthused.

“We would like to welcome Niko Bellic, the most charismatic personality that the GTA license has ever known. Through its blockbusters GTA IV, Max Payne and Bully, Rockstar is a seminal publisher. This agreement enables us to become the first digital distributor in Europe to offer Rockstar’s entire catalogue.

“The arrival of this catalogue allows us not only to enrich the Gamesplanet portfolio, which adds more than 50 games each month and already numbers more than 1,000 games, but also to consolidate our leadership in videogame downloads even further. We believe that GTA IV may very rapidly become the top-selling videogame on our European websites.”

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