LBP skin for new PS3 Lumines

Out in a month or two, apparently

A winter release is planned for Q Entertainment's latest musical puzzler, Lumines Supernova en route to the PlayStation Network and set to include a new LittleBigPlanet skin.

Yes, even Tetsuya Mizuguchi is leaping onto the LBP bandwagon, thanks to the inclusion of a unique skin in his new release, the latest spin on the popular music-backed block-matcher.

Lumines Supernova includes a number of skins, we hear, as part of its Challenge mode, while a Dig Down mode will further spice things up. Then there's a music-crafting Sequencer mode on offer, not to mention Skin Edit and Time Attack offerings.

Lastly a Puzzle/Mission mode further complicate proceedings along the way, adding yet another swirl on the classic formula. Like I say, this title is due out this winter at some point.

E3 Trailer