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The Order devs Ready At Dawn excited by the power of the PS4

PS4 is more powerful than most other computers on the planet

Ready At Dawn the team behind the interesting new PS4 exclusive The Order: 1886 has been talking about the joys of working with Sony's new console.

Tech director Garrett Foster and art director Nathan Phail-Liff have been impressed by the power that they can access with the PS4 and how much more freedom that they with the console's core hardware.

“The power speaks [for] itself. It’s more powerful than most computers on the planet, and it is the most powerful console on the planet. With that, they allow us bare-to-the-metal access [hardware free of pre-loaded software]. We can do whatever we want to,” Foster explained. The Order devs Ready At Dawn excited by the power of the PS4

He added, “Even the head of ATI a couple months ago came out and said graphics are getting held back by a software layer that PC developers just can’t take advantage of. What we’re able to do is take it to a new level where we can literally take advantage of every cycle and try to make it as best it can be.”

The graphical power of the PS4 has really captured Ready At Dawn's imagination and they have gone to town with The Order creating some of the most outstanding visuals shown at this year's E3 with their game engine demo of the game.

“From an art standpoint,” Phial-Liff said, “with every generational shift you can do more of everything. You can nickel and dime – ‘Oh we have this many more polygons and significant more textures.’ There’s this standard order of magnitude growth on the whole detail of level. But some of the standout things for us, going from the PS3 generation to the PS4, are the shading and internal models. That’s a huge thing.”

He continued, “On PS3 there’s a lot more approximations of how objects look and respond to light. With the PS4 we can implement a much more reality-based, advanced shading model. So metals aren’t just shiny, they actually look like the physical samples in the real world. So that’s something that, for getting polygon and texture budgets just makes everything from lighting to physical objects really shine.” The Order devs Ready At Dawn excited by the power of the PS4

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