Rock star attacks Guitar Hero

Nickelback front doesn't approve

Nickelback rocker Chad Kroeger isn't happy with the Guitar Hero series, the frontman airing his believe that the game is stopping kids from learning real instruments, that's according to this morning.

"I feel like there's not enough rock bands out there, especially when we go on the road, It's tough to find other bands out there, because either they're making a record or they just got done touring," the outspoken rocker told Jay Leno.

"So kids: Start rock bands. Set down the Guitar Hero, learn how to play an actual guitar and start a band, because it's hard to find more bands to put a solid rock-and-roll package together, to get out there. It's getting harder and harder, but I think we've done it."

Rock and indeed roll. What do you make of Chad's outburst? If it's good enough for Noel Gallagher...

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