Ubi sue EA employees

In Montreal

It was revealed in GameSpot today that Ubi Soft's Montreal division are to bring legal action against former employees (who previously worked on Splinter Cell) who have now moved on to EA's newly formed studio in the city. The French publisher alleges that the five former employees have broken the terms of their contract, which prevented them from joining competing firms within a year of departing Ubi Soft.

The employees are allowed to continue working at EA whilst litigation continues, but it is yet to be seen what will come to pass when the court case concludes. Apparently, clauses like this are very rarely realised, and EA are concerned that an unfortunate precedent could be set which will have a negative effect on the industry as a whole.

"This legal action basically destroys their careers. They either have to move out of Montreal or work at McDonald's for a year," commented Jeff Brown, Electronic Arts vice president of corporate communications, to GameSpot. "It seems that Ubisoft thinks of Montreal as a plantation--any worker who dares to escape the Ubisoft plantation will be hunted down by lawyers and forced out of business."

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