Football Manager troubled by DRM issues

Publisher explains situation

Sega and Sports Interactive had previously stated that they thought they had solved the DRM issues surrounding their new sporting release Football Manager 2009, the title suffering with online authentication troubles following launch.

It now appears that these issues are not completely solved, publisher Sega admitting that several matters are still ongoing.

"The incorporation of Uniloc's copy-protection system for the game has unfortunately caused a number of unexpected difficulties which SEGA would like to explain to any customers who may have experienced problems authenticating their copy of Football Manager 2009 since it launched on Friday November 14th," reads word from the game maker.

Apparently the first part of the problem was a printing error in the game's manuals, which caused all manner of confusion. This was followed by a DDoS attack on the authentication servers, which also provides telephone authentication, too. Online operations are back, telephone support is not.

"SEGA and Sports Interactive would like to unequivocally apologise to any customers who have experienced difficulties in authenticating their game, restate their desire to solve every issue encountered in the process, and enable all customers to be able to play and enjoy Football Manager 2009."

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