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Devine on Halo Wars: "We are not mailing in this game"

Designer has a point to prove...

Despite the fact that Halo Wars developer Ensemble will be closed by Microsoft following the RTS title's release early next year, the developer seem determined to leave on a high note, according to designer Graeme Devine, speaking to this site in a new interview.

When asked how he motivates himself to release a top-notch game now the studio is set to shut, Devine gave a defiant response, perhaps aimed squarely at Microsoft:

"You know, I've been working on Halo Wars now for over four years. Since the original prototype. So, I'm not about to walk away from a game I've spent four years of my life making, I really care about the end result of this game and so does everyone at Ensemble. I mean, that's something that's come through loud and clear since the news came through... you just have to walk around at Ensemble to see how much everyone cares about this game," he offered.

"It would be very easy to mail it in, and finish a game and sell that. But, we are not mailing in this game. This is our proud shout to Microsoft as to perhaps why they're mistake is obvious."

Some of Ensemble's current staff are already plotting the creation of a new studio, with whom Microsoft will be involved, but Devine told us he will not be joining this start-up - declining to speculate on his own future beyond the release of the new Halo game.

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