GTA IV DLC now set for January?

Chinatown Wars pushed back, as well

Word on the street has it that the Xbox 360's exclusive Grand Theft Auto IV DLC is now likely to be with us in 2009, Rockstar seemingly all-but giving up on a pre-Christmas debut for the new content.

Instead, VG247 report that the game will be released at the end of the publisher's first fiscal quarter - which runs from now through to the end of January. A January debut next year seems likely, then.

Moreover, we hear that a release in the publisher's second quarter - February to April 2009 - is not beyond the realms of possibility, the game maker having already pushed back GTA: Chinatown Wars.

Yes, the handheld DS take on Rockstar's hit will now be with us in the aforementioned second fiscal quarter - some time between February and April next year.

No reasons for the delay have been offered.

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