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Maguire: PS3 is ready to lead

Sony plot gradual progress

Sony's UK chief Ray Maguire has said this week that the PS3 is now starting to reach top-speed after a slow start, just as the competition is starting to wane.

Speaking to, Maguire said that the PS3 has a long way to go still, but has more time than its rivals to achieve its goals.

"Yes, we might take a bit longer sometimes to bring a product to market, but when we do, we bring you the most powerful gaming platform ever to hit - and it will be something that will around for a very long time," Maguire enthused.

"It's nowhere near even halfway through its lifecycle, and I could argue that some other competing formats are on their way down right now."

While Sony acknowledge that progress has been slow, they're also keen to avoid rushing releases - Maguire citing the PS3's Home as an example of this.

Home will enter open beta this side of Christmas. More soon.

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