Epic discuss second-hand struggle

'Measures' being planned

Speaking with business site, Epic chief Mike Capps has admitted that his firm aren't exactly fans of the second-hand market, the big cheese suggesting that it is a major issue in the US, predicting that the American development scene will begin taking steps against it.

Capps says that an increase in downloadable content is likely, as this is one way to battle second-hand sales, adding that an approach restricting content to original purchasers is possible.

"The secondary market is a huge issue in the United States. Our primary retailer makes the majority of its money off of secondary sales, and so you're starting to see games taking proactive steps toward that by… if you buy the retail version you get the unlock code," Capps explained.

"I've talked to some developers who are saying 'If you want to fight the final boss you go online and pay USD 20, but if you bought the retail version you got it for free'. We don’t make any money when someone rents it, and we don’t make any money when someone buys it used - way more than twice as many people played Gears than bought it."

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