Copyrighted tracks pulled from GH World Tour

Studio mode sees users sharing naughty songs

Guitar Hero World Tour is only just with us, but that hasn't stopped an enterprising minority creating renditions of real, copyrighted tracks for sharing online.

The new Guitar Hero does of course include a studio mode allowing players to craft their own compositions for distributing via the game's store. Naturally, Activision have warned users against distributing copyrighted tracks - but that hasn't stopped a few users trying it.

Tracks on offer did range from Mario, Sonic and more to everything beyond, according to Kotaku, but these nefarious creations have now been pulled by World Tour moderators, it would seem.

A few tunes do persist, with some users getting a bit crafty with their song titles, although it seems unlikely that anything infringing will remain available for long. What's your early experience of the World Tour store? We'll have a full review soon.

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