Infinity Ward strikes out at Activision producer

Bowling attacks World at War producer

There seems to be more than a little internal tension between developer Infinity Ward, and their publisher Activision, Rob Bowling attacking World at War producer Noah Heller for comments made about previous titles in the hit series, including Infinity Ward's Call of Duty 4.

In a new blog post, a clearly irate Bowling says that Heller's previous comments are "f**king wrong", and that Activision's man shouldn't be comparing Treyarch's new title to past releases.

"Can you guys please stop interviewing this guy, talk to someone who actually works on the Dev Team at Treyarch and knows what the fuck they're talking about. Not Senior Super Douche Noah Heller from Activision - who apparently has never played the game and doesn't even work at the developer," rails Bowling.

Heller had told CVG that "in the previous Call of Dutys it might take three or four shots from a bolt action rifle. We made sure that a single shot centre mass would kill that opponent because that's the expectation of the player."

Infinity Ward's spokesperson however takes issue with this: "WTF are you talking about?! 'In previous Call of Dutys blah blah blah'. First of all, you didn't work on 'previous Call of Dutys', so don't talk as if you're down with how / why things were designed the way they were. Second, you're completely f**king wrong."

Incredible. More soon, we suspect.

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