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Bleszinski worried that gamers don't care about world

Skipping okayed for Gears 2

Gears of War 2 might be wowing the critics, but Epic's lead designer CliffyB - Cliff Bleszinski, if you prefer - is concerned that players don't really care too much about the worlds they play in.

"One of the problems with videogamers is that they don’t take the videogame worlds very seriously," Cliff tells Edge.

"It’s just like wink-wink, hey, it’s a videogame – whatever, right?"

So, with their less patient, less cerebral players in mind, Epic have - begrudgingly, it seems - included the option for players to skip through all conversation and narrative.

"If you really can’t deal with 30 seconds of dialogue, if it’s really that agonising for you, you can just hit the back button and Marcus will be like, ‘Enough!’ and you just keep going," he concludes.

We'll have a full review of Gears 2 for you very soon.

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