Codies push back Damnation

New shooter now for early 2009

Codemasters have revealed today that new third-person action title Damnation has been pushed back into 2009, the Wild West-esque shooter had been due this Christmas, but the Codies have seemingly opted to negate the competition this time around.

"Damnation is being rescheduled for an early 2009 release," a Codemasters spokesperson told UK site

"The game will be much stronger and better as a result, and will also give people time to get all the pre-holiday releases out the way - ready for the fresh (and vertical) gaming experience that Damnation offers."

Gears of War 2 has of course been attracting rave reviews, and it seems like a sensible move for Codemasters to avoid having to go up against this impressive new third-person adventure.

A debut in February 2009 is now expected.

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