Guitar Hero missed out on Beatles game

Acti got the pitch wrong...

Last week, MTV and Harmonix took great pride in officially unveiling a deal with Sony and Apple Corp, which will see the firms make a new game based on the music of Liverpudlian greats, the Beatles.

Today we learn that Activision could have landed the rights to make a Beatles game, but the deal was pitched in a manner clearly not to Sony's liking, resulting in the rights being sold to rivals MTV, creators of the Rock Band series.

"It was presented as if they were doing the music business a favor," Sony/ATV boss Martin Bandier told Reuters.

"It’s true you can choose other types of music, and somewhere along the line someone’s going to do it for free for the exposure … When it comes to the Beatles, the leverage changes. We’re very happy with the terms of our arrangement with MTV."

MTV's deal was, in the end, believed to be worth more than Activision's bid - so Guitar Hero loses out what could have been quite a coup.

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