WarioWare set for new DSi handheld

WW: Photograph confirmed

The new Nintendo DSi handheld was released in Japan on Saturday, and while Western markets will have to wait until summer 2009 for the device to arrive, we hear that new WarioWare games are being crafted for the DSiWare download platform.

One of the new WarioWare games is being crafted purely for the DSi's new hardware specifics, WarioWare: Photograph announced this week by Satoru Iwata, according to GameSpot.

Laying down the DSi, the camera will impose your silhouette on the screen, at which point you'll be able to play a variety of Wario-themed mini-games. The new game will be out in Japan this December.

WarioWare: Myself is a more general DS mini-game ensemble, and there will be user-generated content element, too. Apparently, a version of this title is also set to arrive via WiiWare.

We'll bring you more on all this, soon.

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