GTA IV: 360 exclusive DLC could reach PS3?

Maguire talks 'exclusives'

Sony Computer Entertainment UK boss Ray Maguire has hinted to that the exclusive GTA IV content Rockstar are presently creating for the Xbox 360 might not be exclusive permanently.

"One thing to remember: nothing is ever exclusive," the Sony exec teased.

He continued: "Things get wrapped up for a period of time for a large amount of money and if it’s a strategic decision by competition to do that then we have to live with that.

"Obviously, what we have to do is make sure that our business plan is adhered to and we have the amount of money to invest in games rather than investing in stopping other people making games and progressing."

He adds, rather sarcastically, that Sony would rather invest in inventive new titles like LittleBigPlanet, than pay huge sums to prevent games reaching other platforms. Meow.

More soon.

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