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Quake Live coming to Steam “soon”

Browser-based Quake game arriving on Steam Free-to-play after four years

Bethesda has announced that they will be bringing id Software's long-running free-to-play game Quake Live to Steam.

Quake Live has been around for about four years now bringing Quake III Arena's intensely addictive multiplayer gameplay to the masses for free via an internet browser near you.

They have revealed the news at QuakeCon 2014 that Quake Live will be heading to the free-to-play section of Steam “soon”. Quake Live coming to Steam “soon”

Mike Rubits from id Software said, "We want to ensure that FPS fans who check out the game on Steam have more fun in their first match than the current gameplay systems allow. We're not talking too much about specific changes yet, especially since the changes need to be taken as one whole package in order to be effective, but we will be iterating internally over the next few weeks to see what works."

Thanks Polygon via Joystiq.

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