New DOOM will be a complete reboot for the series

First DOOM details arrive at QuakeCon 2014

Bethesda has announced the first details of the new DOOM game along with the QuakeCon attendee-exclusive reveal of the game.

As a reboot, id's new DOOM will take the series back to basics. This means no health regeneration. Instead there will be old-school health and ammo pickups.

Of course, there will also be loads of cool weaponry like the DOOM II's double barrelled shotgun and the chainsaw and, taking a leaf out of Wolfenstein: The New Order, there will be dual wielding on just about every weapon. New DOOM will be a complete reboot for the series

DOOM is in development on PC, PS4 and Xbox One using the id Tech 6 game engine and id Software are aiming for the 1080p at 60fps visual gold standard across all platforms.

Thanks Attack of The Fanboy.

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