Dead Space model the future for EA

More new IP to come

Chatting with Variety, who seem to be getting more than a little hot on the games front lately, Dead Space executive producer Glen Schofield has revealed that the sci-fi horror title's development is being used as a model for EA's other new projects.

It's all about the new 'IP' you see, a resurgent EA confident that only innovation and expansion can set them up for a bright future.

"Everyone internally is looking at Dead Space as the model now because there’s just so much content that we’ve generated," Schofield revealed.

"We found a few years ago that we had a set of problems where EA’s reputation became one of just doing sports games, sequels, and licenses and the market was reacting to newer properties like Grand Theft Auto and Halo," chimes in EA Games president Frank Gibeau.

"At the same time, movie and sports licensors started jacking up their rates and it was becoming less profitable to chase licenses."

What do you make of the new-look EA?

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