EndWar heading for handhelds

Ubi confirm portable war game

Ubisoft have confirmed this morning that their new Tom Clancy-themed strategy series, EndWar, will be heading to the DS and the PSP handhelds. The game is already set for the PS3 and the Xbox 360 this Christmas.

Handheld 'optimised' gameplay is mooted, and Funatics are developing these new games, which will see you taking charge of US, European or Russian forces through three campaigns.

Each campaign will boast 30 'scenarios', with conflict taking place in famous locales like London and Paris. You'll be able to create your own missions for two-player games, if you wish, or play one of the existing missions.

Unlike the voice-controlled big-brother heading to next-gen consoles, this game will use turn-based gameplay, 'move and attack phases' promising the intensity of real-time conflict.

Each faction will have over 20 units, we hear, with ground, air and naval units covered - the DS version of EndWar, meanwhile, will be stylus-controlled.

No dating is mooted yet. More on this freshness as we get it.

E3 Trailer