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BioShock PS3 DLC looming

Challenge Rooms coming next month

Challenge Rooms, one of the key new features being added to the PS3 version of the seminal BioShock, will arrive in DLC-form come the 20th of November, we learn this morning.

It is unclear exactly what will be contained within this new downloadable ensemble, or how much it will cost however (could it be free?).

The Challenge Rooms, which Take-Two showed us back at E3 in the summer, are combat-focussed scenarios; with occasional puzzle elements, that set you tasks outside of the main story. Presumably this is why they're being added as DLC.

A few playful arenas look likely, and we might even be taken to a few new parts of Rapture thanks to the Challenge Rooms.

BioShock PS3 is available now, we'll have a full review soon.

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