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GTA: San Andreas set for Xbox Originals

Out next week, too

Critically acclaimed and commercially monstrous, Microsoft have today confirmed that Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is on its way to the Xbox Originals download platform on Live.

We hear this classic re-release will arrive on the 360 service next Monday, and will cost 1,200 Microsoft Points to acquire.

The game was a huge success the first time around, and this debut shows that Rockstar are very much ensconced with Microsoft - if the exclusive GTA IV content in-bound didn't show this already (still no date...).

It may be looking a little older now, but San Andreas is still regarded by many as the pinnacle the series reached prior to the next-gen version, and there's plenty of sandbox gameplay, gritty plot and action to get to grips with.

The 20th it is.

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