Theo Walcott practices with games

FIFA and Pro Evo credited with sharp-shooting form

Injured England defender John Terry has told the Daily Star newspaper that England attacker Theo Walcott (who hit a hat-trick against Croatia three weeks ago) practices his silky skills using videogames.

Terry told the Star that Walcott practices using FIFA and Pro Evo when on tour with England, and his gaming efforts have apparently improved his talents on the international stage.

We hear that Walcott's form only began after he commenced the gaming practice, though new manager Fabio Capello might take issue with this.

Apparently, games are also good for team morale, and have helped get Walcott into the team spirit. "He’s been a little bit quiet, but we all went through that phase when we got into the England squad. Once you get established you come out of your shell. We coaxed him out by playing on the computer around the hotel. We got him playing on it with us," Terry is quoted as saying.

"It’s the little things like that which get younger lads out of their shell and it has shown in his performances."

More sports game news in due course.

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