Bungie admit Halo MMO challenge

Jarrad discussed ex-Ensemble creation

Speaking to UK business site at last week's Tokyo Game Show, Bungie PR exec Brian Jarrad has implied that the developer were only loosely aware that Microsoft had Halo MMO aspirations.

Ensemble were crafting the ambitious online project, before it was axed amid a reshuffle that will also eventually see the studio itself close (once work on Halo Wars is completed).

"They are like our lunchtime discussions at the studio," Jarrad offered. "A Halo MMO wasn’t something that at the studio we had a lot of preview on. We’d heard rumblings and on paper, if someone says ‘Let’s take Halo, plus Warcraft, equals dollar signs…’

"So it was interesting when that whole thing came to light, there was more there than we ever really thought there was. I don’t know, we’ve had a lot of heated discussions - there’s a big, vast, rich universe, but then again it’s hard for me to imagine."

He continues: "Everybody wants to be Master Chief, they all want to be the Spartan. You’d have to create a whole new layer of fiction and new characters that don’t currently exist - not that it couldn’t be done."

Jarrad concludes that the MMO project would have been "pretty challenging", and suggests he in unsurprised the project was eventually culled.

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