EA Sports focus on quality

Moore sees average review scores rise

Apparently, EA Sports' Metacritic average is up by some 4% year-on-year and this, we're told, is a very good thing. It also shows that new(ish) EA Sports big wig Peter Moore is getting where he wants to be in the quality stakes, we hear.

"Our laser-focus on innovation is paying off and we’ve gained a great deal of momentum over the past 12 months," beamed Peter Moore, President of the EA Sports label.

"EA Sports has delivered the top two highest-rated sports games of the current console generation in the past month – NHL 09 and FIFA 09. Critics are taking notice of the innovation we’re delivering to capture our core audience and captivate the masses with more approachable gameplay."

FIFA 09 is certainly a remarkable achievement, and even legendary Pro Evo designer 'Seabass' admitted recently that he would relish the chance to work with EA's game engine.

Peter Moore arrived at EA with a mandate to improve the standard of the firm's sports games, something he seems to be achieving with the publisher's Christmas releases.

John Riccitiello will also no doubt be pleased. He rather likes Metacritic, we believe...

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