FIFA scores with Seabass

Pro Evo designer admits FIFA successes

In an interview with CVG, Pro Evo creator Shingo 'Seabass' Takatsuka, has touted the EA engine behind FIFA as "really superb".

When asked if he would ever consider using EA's engine for a future project, Takatsuka replied:

"Well I would think about it really seriously because I still believe that EA's engine and animation is really superb, very good. The modelling of the characters is perhaps not really to my taste actually, so I might not take that part, but seriously I think their engine and their motion style is really great."

His comments come as a great compliment to the range of FIFA titles that have benefited from a more finely tuned engine in recent years.

Takatsuka also admitted that although the latest PES boasts a license to represent the Champions League, there is still work to be done on the licensing front:

"I'm very happy but at the same time I also have to say I believe we're still not completely there with all the licenses and leagues we need, for example with your countries' teams. When the day comes when we have the Premiership and Bundisliga I think I'll be even more happy then."

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