Resistance 2 will work with PSP version

Special capabilities mooted

Insomniac's new PS3 FPS Resistance 2 will function alongside the PSP release Resistance: Retribution, Sony have confirmed.

The official US PlayStation blog confirms that the PS3 release will unlock a new Infected game mode in Resistance: Retribution, which will apparently see character Grayson infected with the Chimera virus which turns him into a Specter.

As a Specter, he can breathe under water and has regenerating health. Grayson will also get a new gun from Resistance 2 to use, and you can unlock the mode by connecting the PSP to the PS3 via USB - then selecting the 'Infect my PSP' option from within Resistance 2.

PSP Plus is the other feature, which allows Resistance: Retribution to be controlled by the PS3's DualShock 3.

The PSP's Resistance will be out next spring, while Resistance 2 for the PS3 is out in November. We'll keep you posted.

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