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League of Legends unveiled

New MMO hybrid sighted

A new MMO title has been announced today, the game promising to blend elements of both the RPG and the RTS genres. Riot Games' new offering will be called League of Legends, we hear.

Players will participate in the game by taking an overview of huge conflicts via a Summoner unit; the same players will then be able to throw themselves into the action via Champion units, competing directly to level-up, collect items and engage in other MMO-type activities.

Your Summoner will also gain XP, and will also unlock abilities to be used in the heat of battle.

Riot Games' opus will be released on the PC, we learn, and there will also be a bot-mode for anti-social types. Or those left at the mercy of BT's customer support (ahem).

This genre-blender will be beta-tested next year, according to Riot - and it clearly takes some inspiration from Blizzard's highly successful Warcraft series. We'll keep you posted.

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