Treyarch not working on next Bond game

But hope to get 007 again in two years time

Speaking with this website in a new interview, Quantum of Solace co-design director Adam Gascoigne has revealed that Treyarch are not working on the next Bond game, the game maker hinting that Activision Blizzard may tread the yearly update path taken with the Call of Duty series.

While Treyarch are not working on a 007 game for 2009, the designer did tell us that Treyarch hope to be tasked with creating a new game in two years time - suggesting that someone else could be making a release next year.

Gascoigne offered: "Someone was telling me earlier that they read Activision was planning new releases, I know that it won't be us doing it - Treyarch - I assume we're going to work on the next one in two years, and I know our team are ramping-up as if we are. We want it."

He added that whether Treyarch get to work on another Bond release depends very much on the sales of Quantum of Solace, as well as how reviews of the new shooter go.

"We want this to be like Call of Duty, like Halo... a really good game to start with that just gets better and better. That's what we want to do with this project. So, whether get there or not, I think depends on sales and reviews," Gascoigne concluded.

More in the new interview.

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