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Fils-Aime says Wii Music isn't too easy

Will sell by the bucket-load

Chatting with website VentureBeat at Nintendo's US Media Summit, regional chief Reggie Fils-Aime played down talk of Wii Music being a simplistic undertaking that won't challenge hardcore gamers.

"What’s powerful in Wii Music is this juxtaposition of something that looks so simple but is wonderfully difficult to master," the big cheese offered.

"We may have done that title an injustice at E3 by showing something that looked so easy. We made it appear too simple. Now we’re showing the tremendous variety of instruments and tones and how challenging it is to make music that sounds good."

He added that Ninty are expecting very large sales from the game. "We don’t publicly talk about sales targets but our expectation is it will be one of our top sellers."

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