Is Codemasters preparing to reveal F1 2014?

Codemasters' Lee Williams bids fans to "pop back soon"

It looks like Codemasters may be preparing to announce their second big release of the year F1 2014.

Summer time, around the British Grand Prix has been the time time when Codemasters has revealed their new Formula One game and it looks like the new one may be upon us.

Codemasters' community man Lee Williams has responded to a fan's question on when they will announce F1 2014 saying, “Pop back soon Jason and make sure you are following Formula 1 Game on Twitter and Facebook.” Is Codemasters preparing to reveal F1 2014?

There's no doubt that they are working on F1 2014 and it is believed that it will be the Formula One series' first foray onto the PS4 and Xbox One.

Thanks VideoGamer.

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