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Molyneux: BC could still see release

But Fable is Lionhead's priority

Speaking with readers of VG247, Lionhead big wig Peter Molyneux has revealed that BC was shelved back in 2003, after it was decided that the developer should maintain focus on the Fable series.

BC isn't entirely dead in the water, however, the veteran game designer describing the game as "still on the shelf", hinting that interest in the title could still see it return at some point in the future.

"We’re not saying it’s never going to come out. Currently it’s still on the shelf, but so many people ask about it and I find it absolutely fascinating that they do, because in a way some people here and at Microsoft said, ‘You know, we just don’t quite understand what the BC game’s all about.’ But everybody seems so enthusiastic about it. It really fascinates me," Molyneux offered.

We'll bring you more on BC as we get it.

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