Final Fantasy VII sequel?

Movie or game? are today quoting a rather interesting report which surfaced on The Magic Box, which claims to confirm that some form of sequel to Square's Final Fantasy VII (arguably the most celebrated title in the illustrious series) is being created at this very moment. We're not necessarily talking about a new game here however, rather a DVD movie which picks-up where the original game concluded - though there seems to be some ambiguity over this point.

SquareEnix will apparently release Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children next year in Japan, with both Cloud and Sephiroth making a return in a world that has once again fallen to the evils of corruption. Hopefully we'll be able to clarify whether this be game or movie soon, as well as discovering if and when we're likely to get our hands on it in Europe. Something official from SquareEnix would be lovely at this point. Anyone?

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