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Blade Runner director inspired Fable 2

Great Scott!

With the impending release of Fable 2, Lionhead technical art director Ian Lovett has revealed that Ridley Scott has been an influence upon the more sophisticated look of their latest offering.

Speaking to Eurogamer, Lovett describes the game's initial direction: "What we decided was that we wanted Fable 2 to be like Fable, but done by Ridley Scott. That was our mission statement."

Lovett also revealed that this description of how the game should look was key to selling the idea to Microsoft.

"They (Microsoft) understand that this means that we wanted to mature the franchise a little bit. Not losing its charm, but basically trying to grow it up ever so slightly," he explained.

No doubt the new style of Fable 2 was a key factor when deciding to develop a brand new game engine, especially with the leap from Xbox to the 360. However, whether it means Harrison Ford and Rutger Hauer will be doing battle in the leafy villages of the game, remains to be seen...

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