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Molyneux hopes for day one Fable 2 co-op patch

Lionhead working to deliver Live update asap

The internet may have gone a little haywire amid word from Lionhead that online co-op play will be omitted from Fable 2 out of the box, but big cheese Peter Molyneux reveals today that he does hope to see the feature arrive via a day one patch.

"It is a very usual thing with anything to do with co-op and it relies upon the Live service," he enthused, speaking to VG247. "It gives us a tiny bit more time to polish it and make sure it’s working right. Anything to do with Live is much more complex than single-player, so out ambition is to get it out on day one release patch.

"Now, I can’t absolutely confirm that at the moment. It’s all going well. It’s looking like it should be spot on for that. It is down to a few minor little things, and we’re pretty close."

Fingers crossed for day one then, Fablers. The new RPG is out next month.

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