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Rare considered next-gen Banjo remake

Before Nuts & Bolt concept emerged

Microsoft-owned developer Rare originally planned to create a next-generation remake of the original Banjo game, before the studio opted to craft a revision of the series in the shape of Nuts & Bolts.

"We started off thinking, ‘Okay, let’s do almost a clever remake of the original, where we have the original worlds,’" studio boss Gregg Mayles told MTV.

"We actually started on Mumbo’s Mountain, but all the tasks that you played in Mumbo’s Mountain weren’t quite as you expected it and different things would happen. We thought that’s not the way we wanted to go. Then we tried something else."

Mayles adds that Rare wanted to give players a greater sense of freedom: "In traditional games of this genre, there’s usually a loaded task that’s created by the designer and then it’s up to the players to work out what the solution is to that task, and there’s usually only one solution. Then we thought ‘What we can we do with that? Kind of give the player more choice, kind of turn that around.’

"We actually got these quite simple tasks, but the solutions to them — there isn’t one correct way of doing it. And it came from that. I felt like it’s a different way of looking at it. Rather than [giving] Banjo and Kazooie these abilities that you learn and that are bolted on this character, can we give players abilities in a different way?"

More Banjo very soon, we hope.

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