Far Cry 2 man sees dynamic future

System-focussed game structures the way forward

Speaking to this website, Far Cry 2's narrative designer Patrick Redding has said that Far Cry 2 is ahead of the curve - and that more dynamic and procedurally-created videogames will be released in the future.

Far Cry 2 uses multiple systems to bring to life Ubisoft Montreal's vision of the African Savannah, over-run with conflict between warring factions.

"I'd say that I believe very strongly that games are now on a path to becoming much more procedural and much more systemic," Redding offered.

He continued: "What we also want to do is harness the other power of computers - the ability to assemble things dynamically (rather by scripting sequences). At that point we need to do that... but elevate the level of quality and polish.

"We can keep adding systems. Its very easy in fact, but I think games like Far Cry 2 - games that follow that style, that are very open and systems driven, they're going to need to find that sweet spot between being very polished and being systems driven."

Far Cry 2 is out next month. Learn more in our full interview.

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