Saints Row 3 already in development

Will take a new direction from SR2

Speaking with this website, Volition's associate producer Dan Sutton has revealed that while the studio are stilling finishing up Saints Row 2 ahead of an October launch, that the developer are already beginning work on Saints Row 3.

Talking about the narrative of the new sandbox action game, he revealed that Saints Row 3 will take a very different direction, and that SR2 is likely to wrap-up most of the loose-ends left over from the original game's plot.

Sutton reveals that "in SR2 we tie-up a lot of loose ends. I think we tie it up deliberately. We've already started work on Saints Row 3, and we have a new direction we want to go in with that which we of course can't talk about. We wrap up a lot in this one. There's no frustration."

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