Volition: GTA IV cost "a lot"

Saints Row 2 much more reasonable...

Speaking at a hands-on event in honour of new sandbox action title Saints Row 2, Volition producer Dan Sutton has told us that his team were taken aback by the 100 million USD production cost being banded-around in association with Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto IV.

"Actually, we're not in the ludicrous! When we heard that number too we were surprised, you know, we thought 'wow, that is a lot', and when we looked out our game we felt we could compete," he told us when asked if his new title benefitted from a similarly lavish budget.

Sutton added: "Now, I don't know if we release budget numbers, I can't tell you what it is, but its definitely drastically less. Its crazy when you have two programmers and they have nine or 10. Our programmers were like, 'wow, we're good'. Its the way things are going, that's for sure."

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