Bungie bemoan second-hand sales

Developer wants new system

Talking to UK site this week, Bungie audio director Marty O'Donnell has revealed his belief that second-hand sales really hurt Bungie's bottom line when it comes to the Halo series, the game maker stating that developers and publisher should really get a cut of the pre-owned market.

"It’s hard to gauge the effect of used game sales on Halo, but I’m sure it’s big," O’Donnell explained.

"Complaining about sales when you have a multi-million seller is somewhat difficult to justify, but it seems to me that the folks who create and publish a game shouldn’t stop receiving income from further sales."

He believes that second-hand sales could harm smaller game releases even more, and urged that a system for re-selling games to be found.

Does O'Donnell have a point, players?

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