Half-Life 2 delayed

Sad but true

We knew it was going to happen, didn't we? We were just deluding ourselves, hoping beyond hope that it wouldn't be so. But now it's official and we can hide from the truth no longer. Half-Life 2 has been delayed until the festive season - 'about December', for the non-festive among you.

Developer Valve made the official announcement last night, a week ahead of the original release date. Doug Lombardi, Valve Marketing Director, drew the short straw:

The previously announced September 30th release date for Half-Life 2 is being pushed back. We are currently targeting a holiday release, but do not have a specific 'in-store' date to share at this time. We will release that information as soon as we have confirmed a new date.

There is still some hope of a Steam-powered demo being released in advance of the full launch - and at least Valve now have a little more time to iron out the obvious 'creases' from Steam - their content delivery system which seems likely to be the first place where the sequel will be made available.

More as we get it.

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