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EA patch Spore

New cheats, filters and more

The official Spore site revealed late yesterday that the sandbox opus from Sims creator Will Wright has been patched for the first time.

The inaugural update ushers in a new cheat - 'evoadvantage' - which lets you start a new game with any previously evolved creature from the Sporepedia. 'Blocksmode' also sees creatures turned into, well, blocks.

The patch also shows you statistics in the build mode, displayed by holding 'i' when hovering over a particular creature part. Then there are style filters, once again entered via the cheat window. 'Stylefilter -microscope', 'stylefilter -norainbows' and 'stylefilter -nextgen' will all deliver new representations.

70 new planet scripts have also been added to further spice things up.

E3 Trailer