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GTA: Chinatown Wars will be cel-shaded

Many new details released for GTA DS

Nintendo Power magazine have revealed some new details on the DS version of GTA, called Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars.

The title will be rated 'Mature', putting pay to rumours that the game will be toned down for the predominantly kid-friendly platform.

On the graphics front we're promised cel-shading, an isometric viewpoint, day/night cycles and fancy weather effects. All rather impressive for an underpowered handheld.

No multiplayer is mentioned just yet, but we think it would be a travesty to leave it out given the gameplay we enjoyed on the PSP. Saying that, stats can be uploaded to the 'Rockstar Social Club' over the net anyway.

To account for the 'different' controls on the handheld, an auto-aim and dubious sounding auto-steer system will be present, with the touch screen used for most moving around and the d-pad for targeting.

Rockstar have obviously done their homework on how DS players errr... play with the title, catering for shorter playtimes. This happens by not having to completely restart missions when you fail, rather restarting mid-mission where you left off. Handy.

Even the Wanted system handed down from generation to generation of GTA title has changed. The objective now is to disable as many police cars as possible, rather than lose them.

The user-interface is styled on a PDA, which sounds rather fun. From here the music player, email, GPS and other functionality can be accessed.

GTA: Chinatown Wars was announced at E3 this year, and we can expect to see it on shelves by the end of the year. Review in the coming months then. We look forward to it.

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