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EA continues Spore DRM defence

Torrents far more likely to spread malware

Electronic Arts have come out fighting, systematically defending their use of DRM technology SecuROM in new PC release Spore. Some gamers and anti-DRM activists have attacked the game; claiming that pirates actually get a better experience because of the publisher's measures.

EA Assured MTV: "There's no viruses, no spyware and no malware. We have located a download off of one of the Torrent sites that is a virus.

"The thing I would say to the consumer audience is that, if you're concerned with a virus on your computer, the chances of that are infinitely higher when you're downloading off of a hacked version than it would be downloading the authentic game.

"We would never put any spyware on anyone's computers. That's not going to happen."

The publisher also suggest that players won't in most cases need to instal their copies of the game more than three times, and even if they do need to, EA support will be there to help.

Were the game set to lose support in years to come, EA also reveal they would launch a patch, turning off the DRM limitations. Use of SecuROM should be tweaked for Red Alert 3.

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