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LBP impossible on Xbox 360

But only a bit...

As surely as night follows day, so the latest word (in a seemingly constant stream) out of Media Molecule informs us that LittleBigPlanet could not have been created for the Xbox 360.

Alex Evans says that his user-generated platforming opus pushes the PS3 in unique ways, and that while a similar game would be possible on the 360, LBP would not work "as it is".

"With LBP as it is, we couldn’t have made it on the Xbox 360 and the reason for that is actually because we designed it around the PS3’s strengths," Evans told

"In other words, if you’re a game designer, from day one you know your platform, and you just cane it on that platform. You’re not worrying about cross-platform, you’re not worrying about anyone else’s hardware design."

Evans goes on to affirm that regardless the 360 is still a very capable machine, and that like any platform a user-generated title would be entirely possible.

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