BattleCry's environments will be dynamically expressive

"Every time you lose or win the environment is going to change in a very expressive way" says Andonov

BattleCry Studios' Viktor Andonov has been talking about the concepts behind their eponymous debut title BattleCry and the kind of experiences he is buidling for the game.

Andonov is best-known for his work on single-player titles like Dishonored and Half-Life 2 and so working on a multiplayer title like BattleCry offers him some new opportunities for crafting gameplay experiences.

"I have actually worked on a couple of multiplayers, but the trade off is clear for me,” Andonov began. “Instead of quantity and spanning over a big area all of the design creative budget is concentrated in something narrow. So for me that's a great trade off. Cause more detail, more stylisation and more time spent on a shorter experience. Rather than having epic scope and space you have a more intense experience that's of a smaller scale. That's the main difference. Less diluted work." BattleCry's environments will be dynamically expressive

"Solving a design problem of: How do you make something that could function is such a short intense experience?” he continued. “We have 4-5 minute game cycles that are very adrenaline-driven, fast. And for me the first starting point is how does a soldier feel right before he dies. So I'm thinking of World War I soldiers in the trenches, and then it gets easier cause when you're about to die, when your veins are pumping full of adrenaline, you don't perceive the world like in your everyday life."

He has some interesting plans for the gameplay environments starting with creating dynamic environments that respond to the player's actions in some more expressive ways.

"Things are surreal. Details disappear. And people even could have hallucinations and they really are on the frontier of a different world,” Andonov explained. “So this approach allows me to do very symbolist imagery and allgorical. Which I'll be using. Example, the sun that you see here starts dripping blood into the clouds and that's the most subtle first touch. But every time you lose or win the environment is going to change in a very expressive way. Therefore the world has to be bold, very expressive and reacting to you in a very dynamic way."

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