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More Nuts & Bolts for next Banjo title

Concept could be 'expanded'

Rare animator Ellissa Miller has told UK site CVG that the next Banjo-Kazooie game could expand on the vehicle creating side of Nuts & Bolts.

The new release "is like an introduction to what we could do," Miller revealed. "If we went on and did some more then we could push it. If it was accepted and people enjoyed it then we could definitely push it in a much bigger direction. This is like an opening to a new type of gaming I guess."

A few "crazy ideas" could be included in a future Banjo game, assuming the new title is a success. "But we're just trying to finish this one. People ask us what we're going to do next... I want to go on holiday!"

Designer Greg Harrison adds the that Nuts & Bolts vehicle building concept came out of a desire to create something new - not just a new platform game.

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