X03: Rallisport the second unveiled

The second coming

Digital Illusions rather fab Rallisport Challenge now has an official sequel, thanks to the confirmation we've received at this year's annual Xbox conference, X03, which is being held near Nice in the south of France. Given that the original is still one of our favourite racers two years after it's launch - it's fair to say that the sequel carries on in the same vein, and why not.

Now added into the mix however is a brand spanking new graphics engine, online play via Xbox Live, as well as the predictable array of new tracks, cars and a reassessment of the race modes offered.

What's more, using gamers will now be able to create and compete in their own leagues and competitions too, which is exciting, and marks the new direction of Microsoft's new marketing push (outlined at their beach front press conference last night) towards highlighting the Xbox's social potential enabled by Live.

Having played the sequel briefly on the Microsoft Games Studios stand at today's show, I can happily report that fans of the original will be more than pleased with the sequel - which looks absolutely stunning (being one of the most detailed racers I've ever played), and even at an incomplete stage in it's development handles in a fun but authentic manner. What's more, we're told Rallisport 2 has double the number of tracks of the original, which will please it's many fans waiting in the wings given what I've witnessed of this beauty today.

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